Easy & Inexpensive Christmas Wreath from Birchwood

Here's a quick Christmas wreath project that I made with materials right outside my shop door. 

Materials List:

  • Hardboard or 1/4" thick plywood.
  • Several pieces of dried birch logs approximately 2" in diameter
  • Hot glue gun
  • Burlap (okay that was not outside the shop door)
  • Boughs from a douglas fir
  • Winter berries
  • A ribbon I chose not to use
  • Moss which I chose not to use

I used a chop saw to cut my birch logs into discs 3/8" thick. I used a stop block and slid the log up to the stop each time to be sure the thickness of the discs was the same for all. I cut up roughly 36 discs.

I used my band saw and a handheld jigsaw to cut the hardboard into a round disc 13" in diameter and 1" wide. 

I placed a dime-size dab of hot glue on the birch discs and started to place them in the center of the hardboard support disc making sure the birch hid the hardboard behind it.

Then I glued a second row of birch discs onto the first row hiding the seam and completing the process of hiding the hardboard support.

I sliced the burlap in half. The roll was too wide and I wanted to tatter the edges so the burlap would fray. I glued the edges at the top and this serves as the hanger.

It will take a bit of experimentation to position the greenery and berries the way you want. Once you get the look you want simply glue the components in place. I glued the stems only. 

I stopped short of using the moss and the ribbon because I had achieved the look I wanted. 

Use the raw materials native to your area. It's a quick fun project to give away as a holiday gift. 



John Perry
John Perry